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PhD Graduates

  1. Samuel Grossman (EE, PhD 2018)
    Thesis: "Shove aside, push : the case for pull-based graph processing" (talk)
  2. Raghu Prabhakar (CS, PhD 2018)
    Thesis: "Design of programmable, energy-efficient reconfigurable accelerators" (talk)
  3. Mingyu Gao (EE, PhD 2018)
    Thesis: "Scalable near-data processing systems for data-intensive applications" (talk)
  4. Adam Belay (CS, PhD 2016)
    Thesis: "Unleashing hardware potential through better operating system abstractions" (talk)
  5. Camilo Moreno (EE, PhD 2016)
    Thesis: "Alleviating the Variability and Communications Overheads of Irregular Parallelism for Many-core Chips" (talk)
  6. Christina Delimitrou (EE, PhD 2015)
    Thesis: "Improving Resource Efficiency in Cloud Computing" (talk)
  7. David Lo (EE, PhD 2015)
  8. Thesis: "Reconciling High Efficiency with Low Latency in the Datacenter" (talk)
  9. Jacob Leverich (CS, PhD 2014)
    Thesis: "Future Scaling of Datacenter Power-Efficiency" (talk)
  10. Rehan Hameed (EE, PhD 2013)
    Thesis: "Balancing Efficiency and Flexibility in Specialized Computing" (talk)
  11. Daniel Sanchez (EE, PhD, 2012)
    Thesis: "Hardware and Software Techniques for Scalable Thousand-core Systems" (talk)
  12. Richard Yoo (EE, PhD, 2012)
    Thesis: "Locality-aware task management on many-core processors" (talk)
  13. Woongki Baek (EE, PhD, 2010)
    Thesis: "Improving the Practicality of Transactional Memory" (talk)
  14. Hari Kannan (EE, PhD, 2010)
    Thesis: "The Design and Implementation of Hardware Systems for Information Flow Tracking" (talk)
  15. Michael Dalton (CS, PhD, 2009)
    Thesis: "The Design and Implementation of Dynamic Information Flow Tracking Systems for Software Security" (talk)
  16. Austen McDonald (CS, PhD, 2009)
    Thesis: "Architectures For Transactional Memory" (talk)
  17. Suzanne Rivoire (EE, PhD, 2008)
    Thesis: "Models and Metrics for Energy Efficient Computing Systems" (talk)
  18. Sewook Wee (EE, PhD, 2008)
    Thesis: "Software Development Environment for Hardware Transactional Memory" (talk)
  19. JaeWoong Chung (EE, PhD, 2008)
    Thesis: "System Challenges and Opportunities for Transactional Memory" (talk)
  20. Research and Advanced Development Lab-->
  21. Chi Cao Minh (EE, PhD 2008)
    Thesis: "Designing an Effective Hybrid Transactional Memory System" (talk)
  22. Ahmad Zmily (EE, PhD, 2007)
    Thesis: "Block-aware Instruction Set Architecture" (talk)

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