For non-Stanford Students

Due to the large volume of email, I cannot reply to requests and questions from non-Stanford students. My apologies... The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science departments maintain detailed, on-line information about the admission process for their undergraduate and graduate programs. Once you are admitted, I will be glad to talk to you about specific opportunities for research and funding.

For Stanford EE and CS students

I am generally interested in Computer Systems Architecture. For information on the projects I am currently involved with, read my research page. My work currently involves processor & system architecture, runtime environments, security techniques, and energy management mechanisms. I am not involved in circuits research at this point. If you are a Stanford EE or CS student, graduate or undergraduate, interested in working with me, please send me an email with your CV, including a brief description of your background and any research experience. I will do my best to arrange a meeting with you shortly after I review your information. You can also stop by my office hours. I also suggest you read the following notes on what I expect from my students.

Advice for and Expectations from New Students

The following list summarizes my basic advice and expectations from the students I work with. Several of them are directly from David Patterson's talk on "How to Have a Bad Career in Industry or Academia".