The Camino Real
English Toy Spaniel Club

Bill Abbott, Founding President

"To Protect and Promote our Charlies"

CRETSC 1995 - 2016

1886 - 2016: 130 Yrs. of Breed Recognition by the AKC

Club Founders

  • Founding President: B.J. Miller
  • Founding Secretary: Cheryl Abbott
  • Article on 15 yrs of CRETSC History

  • Officer/Secretary/Rescue Contact:

    Patricia Cox

    Jodeener Rd., Zelienople, Pa 16063

    Vice President/Webmaster/Rescue Contact:

    Trish Halloran

    875 La Playa, San Francisco CA 94121

    Breeder/Puppy Referral
    Contact for list of Club members who
    may have puppies available:

    Patricia Cox

    Happy Homecoming for Rescues!


    Happy homecoming for 1-yr old Davis!

    click to read about his journey
    to his new forever Oregon home!


    Happy homecoming for 5-yr old Boys!

    click to read about how these Boys
    made it to Napa, California!!

    The CRETSC is a Regional Breed Club comprised of a group of devoted Charlie lovers whose
    foremost interest is the betterment of the breed.
    We share a commitment to the improvement of our English Toy Spaniel Breed
    by maintaining the highest standards of temperament and soundness.

    Click here for our Loving Tribute to
    our Beloved Companions

    Below are Informational Links
    Specific to the Care of English Toy Spaniels

    Breed Standard
    English Toy Spaniel

    Breed Article
    Dog Fancy
    Magazine, Apr'06

    Breed Origins

    Breed Profile,

    Genetic & Health

    How To Read Vet's Lab Tests
    What do the numbers mean for your Dog?
    click for pdf download

    New Pup Care
    Quick Start!

    New Puppy 'FAQ'
    All Your
    Questions Answered!

    How to Groom
    Your Charlie!

    Books & Articles
    Specific to
    English Toy Spaniels

    Digestive Enzymes for Dogs
    The Body's biochemical regulator!
    Helps Stop Seizures!

    Soothing EYE Ointment
    for Dry Eyes!

    Cataracts & Treatment
    (see the movie on cataract surgery)
    at Veterinary Vision Specialists!!

    !!You Are Cordially Invited!!

    17th CRETSC Specialty Show

    October 22, 2016

    Alameda County Fairgrounds,
    Pleasanton, CA

    Click here for driving directions and link.

    Click here for Area Map & Local Hospitalty Information

    In Conjunction with the
    Harvest Moon-Del Valle Dog Club of Livermore

    5-Days of Shows at the Same Site!!!

    Click link for CRETSC Show Entry (Infodog):




    Mr. Frank Sabella

    Respected All Breed Judge and
    Toy Dog Specialist


    Ms. Bettina Sterling
    Respected Judge


    Link below goes directly to our Hotel, the Residence Inn -
    The CODE 'crecreo' is preloaded on the reservation page!
    Our block is reserved from Oct 18th to Oct 23rd : e=10/18/12&toDate=10/23/12

    Thursday-Monday Rates
    Studio Suite @ $95.00 plus tax
    One Bedroom Suite @ $105.00 plus tax tax
    Click to view Studio or One Bedroom Suite:

    Pets are allowed in the Hotel at a one-time,
    non-refundable pet fee of $50.00 per room.

    CRETSC Specialty Shows

    October 17, 2009
    10th CRETSC Specialty Show
    Click to see Marked Catalogue

    October 18, 2008
    9th CRETSC Specialty Show
    Click to see the Marked Catalogue

    October 20, 2007
    8th CRETSC Specialty Show
    Click to see the Marked Catalogue

    October 21, 2006
    7th CRETSC Specialty Show
    Click to see the Marked Catalogue

    October 22, 2005
    6th CRETSC Specialty Show
    Click to see the Marked Catalogue

    October 16, 2004
    5th CRETSC Specialty Show
    Click to see the Marked Catalogue

    October 16, 2003
    4th CRETSC Specialty Show
    Click to see the Marked Catalogue

    October 19, 2002
    3rd CRETSC Specialty Show
    Click to see the Marked Catalogue

    October 20, 2001
    Click to see the Marked Catalogue

    October 20, 2000
    Click below for Pictures

    CRETSC Newletters!

    Dec-2006 CRETSC Newsletter
    Click to download .pdf file

    #3-CRETSC Newsletter 12-06

    "Heart Testing" by Cantal Dumortier"

    April-2006 Newsletter
    Click to download .pdf file

    #2-CRETSC Newsletter 4-06

    A "Celebration of Mollie Castle-Oakridges 1942-92"

    Nov-2005 Newsletter
    Click to download .pdf file

    #1-CRETSC Newsletter 11-05

    A Grande Show!

    AENA Pedigree Database - King Charles Spaniels + CKCS (English)

    Below are some Historic Out-of-Print Publications
    Links to Early Toy Dogs in USA!

    "Ladies Show Dogs
    at Waldorf Astoria"

    Nov. 11, 1904

    NY Times Article!
    Click NYT Logo below
    to download pdf copy

    "Dogdom Monthly - 1920"

    Click image below
    for Searchable Book link

    CSR Blue Book of Dogs 1911

    Click image below
    for Searchable Book link

    Toy Dogs & Their Ancestors - 1911
    by The Hon. Mrs. Neville Lytton

    This extraordinary, invaluable out-of-print book includes
    the history and management of Toy Spaniels,
    Pekingese,Japanese Chins and Pomeranians
    Click on the links below to Download 2 chapters and/or the

    Entire Book Text in acrobat-.pdf format.
    Mrs. Lytton's fascinating explanation of
    the historical development of the Toy Spaniel is presented
    in detail and well-documented to inform all Charlie patrons

    Our thanks to the on Line Library Project
    dedicated to scanning books for free, public web access.

  • Click here & download the Entire Book Text -
    Toy Dogs & Their Ancestors

  • Click here & download:
    Chapter II - Origin and History

  • Click here & download:
    Chapter III - The King Charles & Pyrame

    Note: published prior to 1923, this work is in the public domain,
    per Project Gutenberg - see website below:

  • Davidswood Earth Angel

    Happiest of the Spaniel Race;
    Painter, with thy colours grace;
    Draw her forehead large and high,
    Draw her browne and humid eye;
    Draw her neck so smooth and round,
    Little neck with ribands bound;
    And the mutely swelling breast,
    Where the loves and Graces rest;
    And the spreading even back,
    Soft, and sleek, and glossy black;
    And the tail that gently twines,
    Like the tendrils of the vines;
    And the silky twisted hair,
    Shadowing thick the velvet ear.

    (author: Swift c. 1700)

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