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Cheryl Abbott

Founding Secretary-Treasurer of the
Camino Real ETS Club
1995 to 2010

Devoted to the well-being
and promotion of the Breed

December 31, 1954 - October 13, 2010

My First English Toy Spaniel - Molly!

by Cheryl Abbott

originally published in the CRETSC Newsletter April 2006

I cannot believe that it has been 15 years since I first fell in love with this wonderful, one of a kind little dog. Here is Molly's story that always brings such a smile to my face and my heart!

I was invited to a birthday party for a co-worker being held at the home of David Peters and BJ Miller in Walnut Creek, CA. I knew David from working with him in the insurance industry and had met BJ at a couple of ``get-togethers'' where he had joined David. It was a HOT August afternoon and being no fan of any kind of heat or sun, I found myself a place under a shady terrace while everyone else was lounging around the pool. I had been sitting there about 10 minutes when 3 of the most wonderful little dogs I had every seen joined me on the patio sofa! I had no idea what kind of dogs they were, but they planted themselves next to me and the 4 of us shared the shade for the rest of the afternoon. A beautiful "red and white" dog that David introduced as Haley especially charmed me. There was also an elfin little bit of a tri-color called Cammie and then the pride of David and BJ, a lovely tri-color dog named Mac (aka Ch. Danaho Fleetwood Mac) who they had been winning at shows with all over California. After the party I could not get my mind off these dogs, I loved their wonderful faces with those dark eyes, and imperious personalities! And they loved the shade like me! I told David I just wanted one of these wonderful dogs to love! This was in 1991, and it was more than a year before I got the call that literally would change my life forever!

It was then that David and BJ arranged for me to choose from a litter of 3 pups their neighbors had available. At 10 weeks I saw the pups for the first time! BJ would take the tri-color boy who became known as Ch. Hillcroft Chaucer. I looked at the girls and choose the "plainer" one who charmed me from the minute she looked at me. Two weeks later my Mollywog (Ch. Hillcroft GoodGolly MizMolly) was my constant companion and cherished friend - I always felt very spoiled getting a dog with her one of a kind personality and huge heart - she changed my life forever.


"With love, all things endure, for though they may pass from this earth,
they live on forever in the hearts of those who love them."

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