Camino Real English Toy Spaniel Club

BJ & "Freddie", Ch. Kis'n Keep On Dancing
Pebble Beach Show - 1995

Dearly Loved Friend

B.J. Miller

President of the
Camino Real ETS Club
1995 to 2003

Devoted to the well-being
and promotion of the Breed

June 5, 1951 - November 12, 2003

Motivated by his passion for English Toy Spaniels, BJ Miller re-formed the Camino Real English Toy Spaniel Club in 1995 by contacting fanciers of the Breed and all those he knew with an interest in joining the new Club - his was an inclusive invitation to promote our Breed and enjoy the comraderie of a Club. His enthusiasm was infectious and before long he had a diverse and committed group of Charlie enthusiasts around whom the Club came to life! BJ was elected President unanimously!

Under BJ's guidance and stewardship, the Club successfully steered its way through the AKC rules and met all requirements for A and B Matches culminating with the present well-known and respected Camino Real English Toy Spaniel Specialty Show which is held every October. This year marked his 4th successful Specialty put on in conjunction with the Del Valle Dog Club's 3-day All Breed Show in Livermore, California.

BJ Miller was an active member of the National English Toy Spaniel Club of America. His contributions to the National Club were many and included serving on various Committees (e.g., judges and membership). BJ was an avid supporter and contributor to the activities of the ETSCA, his profession as a lawyer gave him particular insight into meeting rules, by-law regulations and AKC requirements as they apply to a Breed Club. BJ enthusiastically participated in all meetings and every year he particularly looked forward to the ETSCA National Specialty Show.

In his legal practice, BJ enjoyed long associations with major, well-known corporations. Over the years, his enormous zest for life found him traveling and advancing his love of collecting art and antiques. A man of beauty, friendship and grace, he will be remembered with great respect and the deepest affection by his friends and associates alike. Where friends were concerned, BJ was Best in Show...

"With love, all things endure, for though they may pass from this earth,
they live on forever in the hearts of those who love them."

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