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Computer Systems Laboratory

Faculty Areas of Interest

Core Systems Software
Primary: Aiken, Cheriton, Engler, Lam, Levis, Mazieres, Rosenblum
Secondary: Dally, Dill, Garcia-Molina, Kozyrakis, Olukotun

Computer Systems Networking
Primary: Cheriton, McKeown, Tobagi
Secondary: Dally, Horowitz, Levis

VLSI, CAD & Architecture
Primary: Dally, Horowitz, Kozyrakis, Mitra, Olukotun,
Secondary: Hanrahan, Lam, Rosenblum

Primary: Fedkiw, Guibas, Hanrahan, Levoy
Secondary: Horowitz

Information Management
Primary: Garcia-Molina, Widom
Secondary: Winograd

Security & Cryptography
Primary: Boneh
Secondary: Dill, Lam, Mazieres, Rosenblum

Human Computer Interaction
Primary: Winograd, Klemmer

Ubiquitous Computing
Primary: Guibas, Levis, Winograd


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